Starting Details

Campaign Theme

Your character has  just been kidnapped from where ever they call home and about to be forced to fight in gladiatorial combat. They are in an alien location, totally unknown to them, working with and fighting against people they've never seen before. Obviously you will want your character to be competent at fighting, but neglecting non combat skills and abilities would be a folly! Your character will have crowds please in addition to opponents to slay.

Character Creation Info

Starting Level: 4

Starting Gold and Equipment: None. Your character can have whatever you want them to, but it will be rendered pointless as soon as the campaign starts.

Ability Score: Pathfinders point buy system using 20 points (handy calculator here)

Classes: Any class from any of the official Pathfinder books. Archetypes may be used as well but I reserve the right to disallow specific Archetypes if they are too overpowered (such as the Synergist archetype for the Summoner class). Also, see warning at the bottom.

Races: Any of the races available in the official Pathfinder books. If you would like to play a more uncommon race, talk to me about it and we'll see if we can make it work.

Background and History: Whatever you'd like, keeping in mind that your character is only level 4. Backgrounds and histories will only have a small impact on the story so be wary of creating too complex a background. Unless you really like doing so for your own amusement.


WARNING! The nature of arena combat for the entertainment of others means that your character may not always have access to their weapon of choice. Be careful about building characters who rely on only one or a few select types of weapons.

Starting Details

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